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Benefit Advisors

We recognize the consultants and brokers that we work with are health benefit experts and trusted client advisors. We believe it is our responsibility to keep you fully informed on all aspects of your clients' plans. We also recognize that you have limited time to spend focused on prescription programs in general. As a result, we endeavor to provide you with relevant industry information that will directly affect your clients. Timely delivery of this information can give you a head start working with your clients to anticipate their future needs.

Leveraging over a 25 year history administering prescription drug programs, Benecard Services, LLC. handles all aspects of your client's prescription benefit. Convenient access to medications is provided through a national network of retail pharmacies and integrated mail service and specialty pharmacies. Your clients' members can access needed information around the clock via our member service center and web tools.

In the prescription benefit industry there are numerous ways in which a PBM can be profitable. Unlike typical PBMs, Benecard programs are 100% pass-through, we make it easy to ensure that your client is not overpaying for our services.

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