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Lupin Pharmaceuticals Recalls Ceftriaxone for Injection

January 8, 2019 – Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., has recalled 42 lots of Ceftriaxone for Injection in various dosage strengths to the hospital/physician level upon the discovery of particulate matter in ceftriaxone vials following reconstitution.

According to the manufacturer, improperly piercing the vial’s lid and using needles larger than 21 gauge while reconstituting the medication can push small pieces of rubber into the solution. If solution containing these pieces of rubber is given intravenously, it could cause serious harm, including vein irritation/phlebitis or pulmonary embolic events. There is also potential for muscle inflammation and abscesses should the solution be given intramuscularly.

Ceftriaxone for injection is an antibiotic in the cephalosporin family used to treat a variety of infections caused by susceptible bacteria, and to reduce the risk of infection in patients undergoing certain surgeries. It should be administered by a qualified healthcare professional. At present, Lupin Pharmaceuticals has received no reports of adverse events related to use of the recalled product.

Additional details regarding the recall can be found at:

Benecard Central Fill has not been impacted by the recall.

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