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Praluent List Price Reduced by 60%

February 11, 2019 – Sanofi and Regeneron have announced plans to reduce the list price for Praluent® (alirocumab), a PCSK9 inhibitor, to $5,850 per year. The 60% reduction from the drug’s original list price will go into effect in March and apply to both the 75mg and 150mg dosage strengths.

According to a press release, Sanofi and Regeneron anticipate the new price to improve affordability and access for patients. PCSK9 inhibitors, which include Praluent and Amgen’s Repatha® (evolocumab), have drawn criticism for high list prices in the past. Both were originally priced at $14,000 per year (list price), a number that the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) deemed to not be cost-effective. In October 2018, Amgen was the first company to reduce its PCSK9 inhibitor’s list price to $5,850 per year.

The changes in list price for Praluent and Repatha may have the most immediate impact on patients who must pay list price for their medications or a percentage copay based on list price. Copay assistance is available for Praluent through the MyPraluent® program and for Repatha through Amgen’s RepathaReady® program.

Although both Praluent and Repatha are indicated to lower high LDL cholesterol, Repatha is indicated for use in a broader patient population, and is also indicated to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and coronary revascularization in adults who have established cardiovascular disease.

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