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Cutaquig Launched

May 24, 2019 – Octapharma has launched Cutaquig® [immune globulin subcutaneous (human) - hipp] 16.5% solution. The product is indicated to treat primary humoral immunodeficiency (PI) in adults.

PI is a group of conditions that weaken the body’s immune system and leave patients vulnerable to frequent infection. Other signs and symptoms include inflammation of the internal organs, blood disorders such as anemia, digestive issues, and delayed growth and development.

Approved in December 2018, Cutaquig should be dosed based on individual patient factors, including clinical response and previous treatment history with immune globulin products. A black box warning cautions that there is a risk of thrombosis (blood clots) with the use of immune globulin products.

Cutaquig has a wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) of $1,554.88 per 48 vials.

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