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Baqsimi Approved to Treat Hypoglycemia

July 24, 2019 – The U.S. FDA has approved Baqsimi™ (glucagon) nasal powder 3mg, manufactured by Eli Lilly, to treat severe hypoglycemia in individuals who are at least four years of age and have diabetes. It is the first FDA-approved form of glucagon that does not require injection.

Hypoglycemia occurs when blood sugar levels fall to a point where the individual becomes confused, unconscious, or suffers from other symptoms that require assistance to treat. It most often affects individuals who are on insulin therapy, as too much insulin can cause low blood sugar. Severe hypoglycemia can result in coma or death.

In clinical studies, Baqsimi produced an adequate response when used to treat hypoglycemia in both adults and children. Recommended dosing is one 3mg spray into one nostril. The dose does not need to be inhaled. Emergency assistance should be sought immediately after administering the dose. When the patient responds to treatment, they should receive oral carbohydrates. If there is no response 15 minutes after the first administration, an additional 3mg can be given while waiting for emergency assistance.

Eli Lilly has launched Baqsimi at a list price of $280.80 for a one-pack and $561.60 for a two-pack.

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