Posted from: Friday, September 19, 2014 - 11:59 AM - Present

Hydrocodone Products Require New Prescriptions

Hydrocodone Combination Products will be classified as Schedule II Controlled Substances and will therefore be subject to restrictions. Beginning on October 6, 2014, Hydrocodone Combination Products:

1)  are not eligible for refills

2)  may only be allowed to be filled within 30 days from the date the prescription was written, in some states

3)  are not allowed to be prescribed electronically; hard copy prescriptions must be presented to the pharmacist

Examples of Hydrocodone Combination Products include Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen tablets, Lortab and Vicoprofen. 

Members filling their prescription for Hydrocodone Combination Products containing any amount of Hydrocodone will be required to obtain a new prescription even if there are refills remaining on their current prescription Even if members have prescriptions that were written prior to October 6, 2014 and it still has refills remaining, a new prescription will be required to be submitted in order to obtain a new fill of their prescription on or after October 6, 2014.

If you have a new prescription that was written prior to October 6, 2014 it can still be submitted to be filled but will be subject to the new regulations.

If you take Hydrocodone Combination Products and are not sure what to do, you can contact your prescriber or pharmacist for additional information.  You can also contact Benecard Member Services at the number printed on the back of your BeneCard PBF ID card.

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