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Insured Programs

Benecard offers access to various insured funding options through our licensed insurers as well as traditional self-funded (ASO) programs.  These multiple offerings give you an opportunity to present your clients with a wide array of programs that are simply not available elsewhere.

You and your clients' have access to insured options through Benecard and its contracted licensed insurance carriers even when you have exhausted all avenues to obtain prescription claims data.  When claims experience is unavailable, a census and plan design (including exclusions) is enough for us.  We can provide rates for cases over 150 employees when claims experience is unavailable.

It is important to remember that your clients normally do not need to change their benefit design to take advantage of the risk protection available through Benecard's contracted carriers.  Our flexibility allows us to mirror existing plan designs while still offering the ability to control your client's costs and minimize their risk.

*All programs are not available in every state.

Last Updated Saturday, September 21, 2019 - 07:55 PM.