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Related Companies

Benecard Services related companies all follow the "clients first" business philosophy.

     Benecard Services has over 25 years of experience administering fixed rate and insurance based prescription benefit programs. For those who prefer budget predictability and price stability, Benecard Services is your answer.
   Benecard PBF presents self insured prescription benefit plans that are driven by our clients’ Rx goals.  Benecard PBF is a full service PBF that incorporates a transparent, 100% pass-through financial model.  Compared to traditional PBMs, Benecard PBF offers higher quality at an overall lower cost.
  Benecard Central Fill, L.L.C. is our state-of-the-art prescription mail service pharmacy offering transparent, acquisition cost-based pricing to all of our clients. The mail service can be integrated into a comprehensive program or accessed on a stand-alone basis. 
  National Vision Administrators, L.L.C. (NVA) has been providing clients around the country with managed vision services for almost 40 years, NVA offers both insured and self insured vision program options as well as voluntary and discount programs. NVA has a nationwide network with nearly 60,000 participating providers and includes independent practitioners and major optical retailers. 
  Contact Fill, L.L.C. is a leading contact lens mail service provider which works closely with Benecard and NVA to provide low cost replacement contact lenses to our joint clients and their members.
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