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Primary Care Pharmacists

Until now the PBM industry has consistently undervalued the retail pharmacist. Pharmacists are highly educated healthcare professionals with whom your members have more face-to-face interactions than their doctor.

With the advent of the Medicare Part D prescription benefit, pharmacists were encouraged to counsel patients and were paid by the government to do so. While some organizations tried to counsel patients over the phone the most effective counseling model includes both personalized and face-to-face discussion (for example, the private discussion had between the pharmacist and a member to review their medication profiles and related issues).

Today, Benecard brings this model to your members. Through sophisticated internet technology our network pharmacists have the ability to identify:

  • patients in need of medication reviews
  • patients in need of voluntary counseling sessions 
  • therapy conflicts with the patient and the prescribing physician

This technology results in better management of your client's benefit dollars while keeping their members safe.

Last Updated Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 01:04 PM.