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Insured programs

Benecard administers a number of program funding options.  We provide administrative services for clients who are self-funded, but if a client wants to insure their plan, we have relationships with licensed insurers that can provide various risk sharing arrangements using Benecard as the program administrator.  This arrangement enables Benecard to deliver a prescription drug benefit program that suits a risk tolerance for any client.

Our willingness to take responsibility for the program’s performance coupled with our unique flexibility in designing customized funding options makes Benecard completely different from other PBMs.   

Compared to other benefit program administrators, we eliminate the middleman because we are the PBM. Managing our clients' claims experience ourselves and eliminating the need for players that add little value enables us to keep rates very competitive.*

*Restrictions may apply in certain states

Last Updated Monday, November 11, 2019 - 01:54 PM.